St. Clare of Assisi

Project Info

St. Francis High School




Sacramento, California


St. Clare of Assisi was one of the first followers of St. Francis of Assisi, and like Francis, fled from a life of wealth and luxury to embrace poverty and a life dedicated to God. When St. Francis High School asked Adan Romo for a work depicting St. Clare, he wanted to take a different approach to the saint for the students at St. Francis, and to present St. Clare in a way that would inspire and connect with the students at the school.

As a nun and founder of the Order of Poor Ladies, St. Clare is often depicted wearing a religious habit. Adan choose to portray St. Clare not at the end of her spiritual journey, however, but at the beginning. In order for the young students on campus to create a deeper connection with Clare, the saint is depicted wearing a garment that she would have worn as a wealthy young girl in Assisi, rather than the nun’s habit she wore later in life. The life-size composite marble statue of Clare appears as if she is emerging from a large stone, as if she is a work still in progress. She is taking her first steps on her mission, choosing her destiny. The sculpture is surrounded by a reflective pool and elements of nature, giving the students at St. Francis High School a calming environment where they can find rest, retreat and reflection on their own lives.