Palm Desert Veterans Memorial

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City of Palm Desert




Palm Desert, California


A life-sized bronze memorial illustrates the sacrifice made by our brave service men and women, as well as their loved ones at Freedom Park in Palm Desert, California. Jesus and Adan Romo designed the concept for the bronze sculptures for the Palm Desert Veterans Memorial.

The life-size bronze statue of a young boy, holding a small American flag in one hand and a toy plane in the other, throws a shadow of the future soldier he will become. He looks back towards a woman who has fallen to her knees, clutching a burial flag to her heart. The woman represents a mother, a sister, or a wife of the future soldier. During the daylight hours, the boy casts two shadows: the natural shadow from the sculpture which moves according to the sun’s position, and the shadow of his future self, the soldier, which remains in place. At noon, the shadows unite into one as the boy becomes the man.

“For Our Freedom” is a powerful piece representing love, duty, sacrifice, and pride for the service men and women and their families who have given their all for the country, and was unveiled to the public on Veteran’s Day in November of 2007.