Folsom Lake College

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Folsom Lake Community College




Folsom, California


Adan Romo’s concept for the Folsom Lake Community College project started with the key philosophy and vision of the institution itself: a dedication to improving the lives of its students through the pursuit of lifelong learning, to enhance the college as a space for community interaction, to provide free and equal access without prejudice or discrimination, and to be a welcoming place to inspire the mind.

With these themes in mind, Romo Studios started with a map of the college campus itself. Not only was the shape of the campus intriguing to the artist, focusing on the entirety of the college map presented an opportunity to create a work of art that would be pertinent to the whole campus. More inspiration came from a new neuroimaging technique used by scientists known as a Brainbow. Brainbow imaging flags brain neurons with fluorescent proteins, allowing neuroscientists to study neural connectedness by observing the brightly colored neural interactions.

“Brainbow” is a 12’ x 10’ work of art made from gold tone metal background with superimposed acrylic waves representing neural activity and connectedness emanating from the center of the college campus. The art was unveiled to the public in 2010.