Jesus Romo

Battalion Chief Jesus Romo has been dedicated to his artistic pursuits of sculpting and painting for most of his life. During his long career, Romo has received many major national and international commissions, ranging from artwork for civic buildings and religious institutions, to designing memorials for veterans and public safety officers. Of his many public art commissions, the most acclaimed is the California Firefighter’s Memorial located on the Capital Mall in Sacramento. Romo’s stirring tribute depicts a grief stricken firefighter struggling to remove his lifeless colleague from the flames. Painstakingly researched and crafted with love, Romo’s sculpture captures the unique bond between these “band of brothers.” The most recent commission for the Palm Desert Veteran’s Memorial commemorates American Veteran’s of all branches of service and of all wars. Both these memorials are permanent tributes to the spirit, courage and dedication of these everyday heroes. As a firefighter and veteran, Romo is able to understand and capture the actions and emotions of public safety personnel and veterans in the performance of their duties.